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Mom-life coaching

The support you never knew you needed

Hey mama, what if...

  • Instead of feeling overwhelmed >> you felt at ease

  • Instead of being last in line with nothing left >> you got your needs met (with no mom-guilt)

  • Instead of losing your shit (both your temper and your stuff) >> you kept it together, with ease?

  • Instead of endlessly questioning how to handle what comes up >> you trusted yourself?

  • Instead of constantly rushing from one thing to the next >> you had plenty of time for all the things that matter?

  • When things go sideways, which they will, even when you do everything "right," instead of letting that derail you >> you stay cool while you navigate the situation? 

  • Instead of feeling like you never measure up to some standard of motherhood >> YOU defined that standard for yourself? And it’s perfect. Because you’re perfect, just the way you are.

  • I get it

    Go back with me to 2019, when I had two under two.

    I was losing it on my toddler regularly. Major mom-rage, then mom-shame. Nothing was easy. Nothing was fun. 

    Everything that had brought me success in life — high standards, hard work, researching the best way to do things — brought me to my knees as a parent. I was lost in motherhood, and I was failing at it. At least, that's what my brain told me. I knew I needed to find another way. 

    Here's how I shifted: I tuned into my values and let them guide my decisions. I learned about my temperament and tendencies and started taking care of my nervous system. I learned to pause. I accepted that things I'd expected to be easy turned out to be hard for me and started making accommodations. I simplified and systematized. I started meeting my own needs. I rose into a version of motherhood that's more simple and sustainable, more intuitive and authentic. And I want that for you.

    One of my clients put it this way: By bringing both insight and structure, I help her feel capable. If you're ready to tap into your inner knowing and start doing motherhood differently, I'm here for you.

    The way


    Say what you want

    We'll envision, feel into, and declare what good looks like for you and write the roadmap for how you'll get there. Let the transformation begin.


    Take actions

    You'll show up for yourself in sustainable, supportive ways. We'll fine tune the what, when, and how over the course of our time together.


    Get what you need

    You don't need to go it alone. I've got you with weekly or biweekly coaching calls. And if you get stuck in between, I'm just an email away.


    Relish your reset

    Motherhood feels different because you do things differently. You aren't overwhelmed. You've found your flow.

    The tools

    • Awareness & acceptance: We work with your values (what you care about), temperament (how you're built), and circumstances (where you are in life) and build your realistic plan around that. 

    • Mindset & mindfulness: I'll teach you accessible approaches even you're meditation averse, like me. 

    • Systems & routines: You'll learn to establish new habits and sustain them in a way that feels good. If you tend toward perfectionism and "doing it all," we'll get crystal clear on what has to get done, to what standard, when, and by whom.

    • Time: Our most precious resource and a powerful tool, in coaching you'll learn how to use time to make sure you get what you need.

    You're not alone!
    Even though the struggle is real,
    it doesn't have to define you anymore.

    • "After we talked I arranged more childcare, recommitted to my personal training time, and scheduled date night with my husband every Thursday. I feel amazing. This weekend was wonderful. No Sunday night rage!"
      — AR, San Francisco, mom of 2

    • "I enjoyed being able to talk out my daily and weekly schedule to figure out what was and wasn't working. Talking it through and being asked relevant questions helped me realize where I needed guidance."

      — Cary, San Francisco, mom of 2

      Insert your text here

    • "Taking a deep breath, owning the reality of it, and finding a way around it was really the most powerful thing you gave me."

      — Friday A., San Francisco, mom of 2

    • "One of the things that has stuck with me specifically is just how nice it was for somebody to listen so intently and witness challenges. I didn't know I needed that."

      — Alison, East Providence, Rhode Island, mom of 2

    • "I feel safe in your non-judgey aura."

      — Jay Jay, San Francisco, mom of 3

    • "Erika is the best. Truly. Intuitive but always learning. Wise but relatable. Graceful but scrappy. Not perfect but seemingly so. Open minded, open hearted, open book. She’ll get into the weeds with you, share her highest and lowest moments, and find the threads that bring you back to the garden, the big picture. She feels like a friend, coach, sister, and favorite aunt all rolled into one. So very warm. Forever grateful."

      —NM, New York, mom of 1 (name and photo withheld by request)

    Details and logistics

      In our 3 months together, I’ll lead you on a journey from where you are to the goals you want to realize — as a parent and a person. It’s actionable, it’s transformative, it’s sustainable.

    • Intake process that lets me get to know where you’re starting from. It’s eye opening for clients, too!

    • 60-minute startup session by phone or video (your preference) where we identify the goal you're ready to work toward and get started on Day 1

    • Five additional 45- to 60-minute phone/video calls (for a total of 6 sessions)*I recommend meeting every other week, the perfect pace to learn, practice, and return*If you're feeling eager to take fast action, we can discuss the possibility for weekly meetings*If you're in a phase of life where keeping appointments feels hard, we can offset our time together using Voxer (DM + voice messaging)

    • Customized 90-day action plan and habit tracker — this is how we set the path, stay accountable on follow-through, and celebrate progress

    • A repeatable framework you can take with you beyond this 3-month coaching container to confidently pursue any goal or create any shift

    • Priority access to jump the waitlist and add on more support

    • Private 1:1 coaching with Erika includes 6 sessions over 3 months

      $1,200 or $400/month x 3

      If you're ready to apply OR if you have questions, click below.
      I look forward to connecting with you and helping you redesign your motherhood.

    How to know you're ready

      You understand that for things to be different you have to do things differently. You’re ready and willing to make changes, and you want guidance to get clear on the what, the how, and the follow-through. You’ve found it. Let’s design your motherhood on your terms.

      You desire to invest in yourself. You want to show up. You know you're capable of achieving your goals, with or without a coach. You have the option of figuring it out on your own and going through it alone, or going through with me by your side, bringing my experience and perspective to help you get where you want to go faster and with more ease. You want support in finding your own authentic path. You know you’re worthy. You know you’re ready.

      You're excited to work with a coach to get clear on:

      • Why you're struggling, how to stop, and what to do instead

      • Your attainable ideal of motherhood, and how to make it real

      • How to play to your strengths

      • What fills you up and what drains you, and how to work with that

      • What you truly value, and how to look to your values when times get tough (which they will, even if you're doing everything "right")

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