Imagine a version of motherhood where you get to feel like your best self.

Perfect is a myth.

Here you’ll learn (or remember) what matters to you and how you want to feel, then we’ll build your life around THAT. Less doing, more being. Less overwhelm, more ease. Less rage, more joy.

Perfect is a myth — can’t win, don’t try. But through preparedness and presence (that’s organizing our stuff and our thoughts) we can find ourselves again. We can raise our families with a sense of humor and satisfaction.

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Hi, I’m Erika Friday

I help moms feel lighter.

I’m a career copywriter and creative director, recovering perfectionist, and mom of two. While I wouldn’t say things were always easy for me, I was always up to the challenge.

Then came the yelling. Parenting a toddler and pregnant with my second child, I was introduced to mom rage, and its tagalong, mom shame.

Do you ever feel lost like I did? My mission is to help parents come back to themselves. To laugh more and yell less. YES PLEASE to that.

In my copywriting I help make the complex simple and the simple clear. With Ready Set Moms, I bring that to parenting. Through blog posts, videos, courses, community, and customizable systems and templates, you’ll see why this can feel so hard, let go of what isn’t serving you, and move on with motherhood on your own authentic terms.



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