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Emergency kits

This event is for you if

  • You worry about accidents and emergencies and would love to be able to let your guard down

  • You want to prevent injuries while allowing your children to take reasonable risks

  • You could use some help defining "reasonable"

  • What we'll cover

    • Accident prevention — First aid kits and skills, how to prepare kids but not scare kids, safety around water and guns, child proofing, child abduction, the key role of parental mental health

    • Emergency response — What to do once it's happened. "It" being things like head injuries, burns, and the key role of parental mental health (We're big on this)

    • "The things I've seen" round robin

    • Q&A — Submit your questions when you buy your ticket, or in the chat during the event

    Meet the panelists

    Dr Molly O'Shea
    • Dr. Molly O'Shea

    • Pediatrician and life coach. Live authentically. Transform your life to experience peace and joy. Transform through loss and change. LGBTQ ally.

    Nurse Judy
    • Nurse Judy Kivowitz

    • Pediatric advice nurse, parenting class instructor: safety class, illness class, parenting workshop, solid foods class, and newborn essentials

    Brittany Williams
    • Brittany Williams, LMFT

    • Beautifully imperfect human, wife, mom, clinical psychotherapist, and believer that health happens in community.

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    Join us live online

    Wednesday March 15, 2023

    10:00 am PT

    Or catch the replay

    Available for 2 weeks after the event





    Erika Friday DBA Ready Set Moms makes no guarantees regarding health, safety, and survival. No one can do that. The purpose of this event is to enable parents to plan and prepare for emergencies and become informed, capable leaders. 

    Meet your host

      No nonsense

      Hi, my name is Erika Friday. I’ve guided dozens of families through emergency preparedness. By learning my strategies, adopting my project management approaches, and receiving my morale support, these families feel prepared and present. And I want this for you, too!

      I built Ready Set Moms on everything I've learned over the years:

    • In my 19-year career as a copywriter and creative director (clear communication, systems thinking, project management, people management, vision, leadership, and adult learning modalities)

    • In my personal experience (daughter of an elementary school principal and clinical psychologist; wife and mother of two; recovering perfectionist and survivor of postpartum anxiety)

    • In my studies of parenting, personal development, mindfulness, wellness, habits, lifestyle design, and emergency preparedness

    • I've always had a knack for making the complicated simple and the simple clear, and now I do that for parents. I know how people learn and how to guide you to make real changes and reach real goals.

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