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Everyone: Yay! the weekend!

Moms: Wait, that means MORE work.

Snag your free Ready Set Weekend Planner
and start feeling lighter.

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  • If you feel like the days drag on, but you don't get it all done

  • If someone asks, "What do you do for fun?" and you ... forget

  • If you get to Sunday night and wonder where the time went

  • If there's too much togetherness, but not enough quality time

  • Then you need a better system. Here it is!

    Weekends are meant to refresh and restore us.
    But, too much is being asked of us,
    and we ask too much of ourselves.

    With the Ready Set Weekend Planner, you’ll get in the flow of taking care of yourSELF, your PEOPLE, and your HOME, and feel good about it.

    What moms are saying


    I never used to build in time to rest, and if I ever did rest, I'd feel guilty about what I wasn't doing, or not playing with my kids. Now I rest on PURPOSE, and I feel so good for it.

    — Mathilde, mom of 3, San Jose, CA


    Putting myself first is a radical shift for me. It started with weekends, and now I know how to do it always. It's not selfish when it means I'm a better mom.

    — Anne-Sophie, San Francisco, CA, mom of 3 


    What really helped me, and this sounds silly to say out loud, was putting down on paper what helps me thrive. It's pretty basic stuff, but if I'm not purposeful about it, it doesn't happen. 

    — Caitlin, Monterey, CA, mom of 2


    At its simplest this is a planner. In practice it's a way to make sure all your needs are getting met. It helps you communicate with your family members. It reminds you of all the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, and helps you make time to do them. It teaches you how to be aware and alive in the moment.

    You can customize your Weekend Planner on your computer and then print, or print first and customize by hand.

    Pro Tip: I like to print a batch to have available for a couple months.

    Not a paper person? You can customize it and use it on your device. 

    After one or two weekends of using this planner, you'll find it's easier, more intuitive, and sweeter to take care of yourself, your people, and your home. You'll feel lighter.

    But, there's more. By intentionally planning your weekends, following through on your must-dos, and relishing your want-to-dos, not only do you get to have great weekends that serve you, but also you'll learn to live all your days with this sort of intentionality and awareness. 

    Snag your free weekend planner

    and start feeling lighter.

    (This won't be free forever, so get it while the gettin's good.)

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