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The Total Clothes Cure Pack


(Save 15% on each workbook)

You certainly FEEL how much it takes to manage your family's clothes, but have you ever thought about it? Let's shine some light on the mental load of keeping our families. dressed:

  • Laundry -- gathering it, washing it, drying it, folding it, putting it away

  • Weeding out what your kids have outgrown, and managing where it goes

  • Shopping for what your kids need, but keeping track of what they already have

  • Receiving hand-me-downs

  • Trying to consume consciously, knowing that how you spend your money matters to your economy and the environment 

  • Getting ready for the changes in seasons

  • Making sure they have everything they need for their everyday

  • Teaching them responsibility -- taking care of and keeping track of their things

  • What if you could put everything about dressing your family on autopilot? Get all of that off your mind, and in flow?

    With the Total Clothes Cure Pack, you get:

  • The Kids Clothes Cure (40-page workbook)

  • An approach to decluttering that is so intuitive you'll be able to apply it to every area of your home

  • An understanding of the way children's clothes flow (where they come from and where you'll send them)

  • Seasonal wardrobe guides for baby, toddler, big kids, and even yourself!

  • Shoe checklist

  • Guided mindset assistance on the sticky topic of "appropriateness"

  • 7 sheets of organizational labels

  • A maintenance schedule so you can stay ahead of the seasons

  • An approach to shopping for and sourcing new clothes that will save you time and money

  • Tips on daily routines

  • Tips on including your child and gradually handing more and more responsibility to them

  • The Ready Set Laundry Remedy (15-page workbook)

  • A framework you can adapt to meet your family's needs and preferences

  • The actual process entailed in "doing the laundry" (hint, it's not just one chore_

  • A streamlined approach to the number of loads done in a week

  • A customizable schedule to plot out the loads in a week and the steps in a day

  • Tips for optimizing and troubleshooting

  • Tips for getting family members of all ages on board

  • A path forward to maintaining your new approach with ease

  • Good to Go (7-page workbook)

  • Every Day Sanity Saver

  • Mindful School Mornings

  • Sun & Swim Gear List

  • Snow Gear List

  • Hike Gear List

  • Flexible functionality to meet your preferences: Instant digital download of fillable PDFs you can customize, print, or use digitally

  • A combination of visuals + text to empower pre-readers

  • Streamlined digital versions you can drop into your favorite checklist app (like Apple Notes or Google Keep.)

  • That's a lot of useful stuff you can start using today, and you'll start seeing results. Because if you want things to be different, you have to do things differently.

    But here's what you're really getting, along with those tools:

  • More time and headspace for the things -- and people -- that really matter to you

  • Clarity on what actually needs to be done, and that it doesn't all have to be done by you

  • Clarity on your intentions and problem areas

  • Confidence that you have what you need when you need it

  • Encouragement, confidence, pease, and ease

  • Flow

  • Are you ready to let it be easy? Add the Total Clothes Cure Pack to your cart and start streamlining EVERYTHING about your family's clothes today!

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