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The Kids Clothes Cure


Ever feel like your kids' clothes are out of control?

  • Clothes everywhere, but nothing to wear?

  • All of a sudden nothing fits or everything is ripped and stained?

  • Bags upon bags of donations waiting for you to deal with them?

  • Buying (or receiving) new clothes, and having too many shirts and one pair of pants?

  • Arguments about what's appropriate?

  • Ever feel like it SHOULD be simple, but you're just out of time, energy, patience, and space.

    It's not your fault that getting and staying on top of your kids' clothes can be so challenging.

  • For one thing, they keep growing and the seasons keep changing!

  • You may not have a handle on how many items they have, and what the ideal number of items would be

  • You're not sure where your responsibility and need for control ends and your child's begins

  • For people who didn't learn the habit of keeping a tidy room growing up (hello! That's me), the skill can feel out of reach, but one that's so basic we don't want to admit we need help

  • In this 40-page guide, you'll get:

  • Clarity on your intentions and problem area

  • An approach to decluttering that's so intuitive you'll be able to apply it to every area of your home

  • An understanding of the way children's clothes flow (where they come from and where you'll send them)

  • Seasonal wardrobe guides for baby, toddler, big kids, and even yourself!

  • Shoe checklist

  • Guided mindset assistance on the sticky topic of "appropriateness"

  • 7 sheets of organizational labels

  • A maintenance schedule so you can stay ahead of the seasons

  • An approach to shopping for and sourcing new clothes that will save you time and money

  • Tips on daily routines

  • Tips on including your child and gradually handing more and more responsibility to them

  • Encouragement, confidence, peace, and ease

  • You could let your kids' clothes remain a constant source of low-level stress, or you could get the system that makes it easy to get your kids' clothes under control, and even easier to keep it that way. 

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