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Ready Set Trip Prep


Sound familiar?

  • Travel anxiety, packing stress, no sleep the night before your trip

  • Reinventing your packing list every time

  • Always forgetting something, afraid you will, ashamed if you do

  • So preoccupied about the logistics that you forget to actually look forward to the trip!

  • Resentment that it's all on you

  • Coming home to a funky smell because no one remembered to empty the fridge, take out the trash, or clear the disposal (There are plenty of packing lists out there, but where's the prep list?)

  • Here's what Ready Set Trip Prep can let you do:

  • Account for multiple family members — pack for them or let them pack for themselves

  • Pack by category or by person

  • Share the mental load with a partner

  • Check out my tips for optimizing this process

  • BONUS: Get ready for trips, outings, or the season with specific lists for Snow and Sun & Swim

  • Once you get going with Ready Set Trip Prep you'll experience:

  • More time and headspace to actually look forward to the trip!

  • Cooperation and participation from your family members — it's not all on you anymore

  • The satisfaction that comes with focus and handling it, with ease

  • Children learning this life skill, one way they can take care of themselves and their belongis

  • Fast-track to all future trip packing and prep

  • Going on a trip should be a joyful and enriching occasion, and those benefits MUST outweigh any stress, anxiety, or burden. Ready Set Trip Prep helps get you there.

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