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The Ready Set Laundry Remedy


Are you ready to get a handle on the laundry, with LESS EFFORT, less resentment, and less nagging?

I'm talking no more getting dressed out of hampers. No more dirty socks by the front door. No more giving over your weekend to do the laundry. No more feeling behind. 

Here's what's included in the 15-page Ready Set Laundry Remedy:

  • A framework you can adapt to meet your families needs and preferences

  • The actual process entailed in "doing laundry" (hint, it's not just one chore)

  • A streamlined approach to the number of loads done in a week

  • A customizable schedule to plot out the loads in a week and the steps in a day

  • Tips for optimizing and troubleshooting

  • Tips for getting family members of all ages on board

  • A path forward to maintaining your new approach with ease

  • Within two weeks of starting the Ready Set Laundry Remedy, you'll enjoy:

  • More time and headspace for the things - and people - that really matter to you

  • An easy flow to keeping the laundry in check

  • Never again feeling swamped by laundry

  • Children learning to take care of themselves, their belongings, and their home

  • The laundry has to get done one way or another. Here's your chance to start doing things differently and stop thinking about the dang laundry!

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