Ready Set Emergency Prep

19 students

You know you SHOULD have an emergency kit, but every time you get started, overwhelm takes hold —

  • What am I planning for?
  • What will that be like? What should I be picturing?
  • I’ll just go buy a kit. But wait, which kit should I buy? What’s in it? Is it what I need?
  • If I make a kit myself, what do I put in it? What bag should I use? Which flashlight should I buy? What about all my camping gear, how’s that fit in? What’s this about a bucket with a toilet seat?
  • Where do I even put all this stuff?

And before you make any progress, other demands — more pressing ones like making dinner, helping with school work, breaking up a sibling squabble, meeting a deadline, and catching your breath — take your attention and you set the project aside until something brings it up again:

  • Wildfires, or smoke
  • News of an earthquake someplace else
  • Hurricane in the forecast
  • A power outage
  • A water main break


By taking a systematic, project-management-style approach to emergency preparedness, THIS time is going to be different. And by having that plan laid out for you, you are already on the path from TO DO list to TO DONE.

By the end of this course you will have:

  1. Plans. Whether you have to shelter in place without utilities or evacuate — in a hurry or with time to prepare — you will know what to do
  2. A safer home. Your home, and all the people and stuff in it, will be safer because it will be equipped for emergency prevention and response
  3. Multiple “kits”
    • Urgent under-the-bed bags
    • Evacuation Go Bags
    • Resiliency supplies, food, and water
    • Car kit
    • Emergency Prep binder
  4. Supplies
    • Equipment
    • Food
    • Water
    • And a too-often overlooked category: Clean-up
  5. Confidence. By being proactive, you will be exercising your resiliency. The act of getting prepared is practice.

What’s included:

  • Kick-off session: Replay of the 1-hour project kick-off session, including Q&A with content expert Friday Apaliski, the Sustainability Concierge
  • E-Book: Your 30-page project roadmap, including:
    • Plans
    • Templates
    • Checklists
    • References

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY — I’m offering Ready Set Emergency Prep for $7. Seven dollars! I don’t know how long I’ll offer it at this price or if it will ever be so low again.

Q: Why so little? This content is clearly worth way more than $7.
A: You’re right it is, but for Version 1, I want to launch it at an exceptionally low and accessible price point. This way I can get it into the hands of a lot of families, and in exchange I’m hoping you’ll give me feedback that I can use to make V2 even more useful. (There’s a survey at the end of the ebook.)

Q: Then why charge anything? Why not give it away?
A: An investment, even as little as $7, is a commitment. It sets your intention, and it is your way of showing up for the work this time, starting now.

Free lists are all over the internet and in brochures. But those haven’t gotten the job done, have they? Ready Set Emergency Prep is different. Through the kick-off video and ebook with its printable tools, the course guides you through a step-by-step approach to actually completing this important work. You’ll have the mindset and the framework, and soon enough, you’ll have it done.