P.A.R.T.Y. weekend — self-care tool

“Weekend” doesn’t mean what it used to, does it? Without the familiar pattern of 5-day workweek + 2-day family weekend, the days are blurring together. There’s too much togetherness but not enough quality time. Sometimes it feels like the days are dragging on, and yet there’s not enough time. How can our weekends recharge us rather than drain us?

Enter the PARTY Weekend, a tool to support you and your well-being. It helps you take care of yourself, your home, and your people. It’s a framework that helps you spend your weekend with intention. Whatever is important to you, whatever makes you come alive, you can tailor this plan to suit YOU. Here’s how to PARTY like a Ready Set Mom.

Use the first page to write down all the ways you’d like to spend your time, in these categories:

P — Play. What will you do this weekend just for FUN?

A — Accomplish. What will you get DONE? These could be cyclical tasks like laundry, or something unusual like weeding the kids’ too-small clothes, or a project you’ve been looking forward to like potting new plants. Brain dump all the things, then put a * by the items you prioritize doing, knowing you could let the rest go.

R — Rest. How will you RELAX? If done with intention, a couch session with the TV can help recharge you, rather than leaving you feeling more sluggish or guilty. Doing nothing is often just what you need to do.

T — Thrive. What makes you feel like YOU? Alone time? A long phone chat with a favorite person? Exercise, outside? A bubble bath, chocolate? Be as fundamental or indulgent. Do you.

Y — Yes. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? What more do you need? What’s working? What do you need to do differently right now? How might you design next weekend differently? This is not a throw-away category. This is a habit of self awareness and compassion.

Now that you know how you’d like to spend your weekend, use the second page to block out your time. You’ll notice that instead of a micro-managed, stress-inducing, minute-by-minute day planner that you might need during the workweek, this page is set up in terms of blocks to the day: early morning, midmorning, etc. Meals are the anchors that pace out the day.

Depending on the age of your kids and if yours is a two-parent household, this could take some coordination. The template is set up for 2 parents, but you can adapt it for single-parent and multigenerational households. Start with obligations and anything that is scheduled. Once Shelter in Place is lifted, you might start with soccer games and date nights. Note family time, alone time, and who will be the “parent in charge” for each of the blocks.

This might feel like homework. Sorry about that. But trust the process. Feel the relief of getting your needs met. Give it a try for two weekends, and I bet you’ll be ready to PARTY from here on out, quarantine or no quarantine.

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